Saturday, April 16, 2016

How I Earn an Extra $600 per month by Dog Sitting

Sometime last year, I needed a last minute sitter for Tyson. You know Tyson, he's only the sweetest old man pug puppy in the world. And so after some google searching for local dog boarding, I came across Rover. If you're unfamiliar, it's basically in-home dog boarding (and more) by locals in your area. 

Think AirBnB for dogs.

I never liked the thought of kennel boarding or having Tyson around a lot of strange dogs, or having to impose on friends, so this service was a perfect solution and I quickly became a client.
After using the service as a client for a few months, I decided to sign up as a dog sitter on Rover. 

I love dogs, and I knew I was just the type of sitter I would want to hire to watch my own boy, so it was a no-brainer. Plus, I've been wanting to bulk up my savings account, so win-win. Within days of signing up and creating my own sitter profile, I already had my first client.

make money dog sitting with rover

In just one month I made $593. 

That's after any expenses and Rover fee's.

My initial start-up expense was small. I spent $50 on Rover's Protection Package (optional) and another $39 on miscellaneous items (extra dog bowls, vet rap, business cards). The only reoccurring expense will be the yearly Protection Package.

I only take one client at a time, but I could definitely make more if I wanted to expand to 2 or 3 dogs at a time. I don't expect to become a dog sitting millionaire, but it's definitely a nice side gig.

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a dog sitter, keep reading for some tips on creating your profile as well as the link to sign up (or if you're just interested in using Rover as a client, I have a $20 promo code for you as well, skip to the end for that code).

Before we get into that, I only encourage those who have a genuine interest to sign up. Pet sitting should be looked at as an easy buck, similar to babysitting you are taking into your care someone's loved one and they should be treated as such. For me, I knew I would make a great dog sitter because I love dogs, I'm responsible, work from home full-time and my Tyson is super chill and gets along really well with other dogs.

Now, on to the goods.



I put a lot of time, thought and care into crafting my sitter profile. I thought about what I would want to see from a potential sitter's profile and went from there. As I mentioned above, I work from home full-time and I made sure to mention that in my profile.  The owners who contact me love that I'm almost always home with their pups and can take them on frequent walks. 


I took a new picture specifically for my Rover profile. I made sure to include a friendly smile and Tyson, because let's face it, he's the star. I didn't reuse a selfie, or try to be sexy because this is not that kind of a site.

Additionally, besides your profile picture, you also can add pictures to your profile of your dog, home, whatever. I had previous experience pet sitting for friends prior to signing up for Rover, and I had pictures to prove it so I showcased them in my pictures section. So not only does my profile state I have experience, it has the pictures to back it up. Plus, many of the pictures show Tyson with other dogs, of all sizes, reassuring owners that Tyson is as friendly as I say he is. 


This is not Troop Beverly Hills, you need those stinkin' badges! When potential clients search for a sitter, they'll see that I have three very prominent badges next to my name in the search results. Compared to others who some of which have none, my profile stands out.

From L-R: Background Check badge, Rover Protection Package badge (I pay $49.95 yearly, and it's worth the extra reassurance. Not a lot of people pay for it, but you will make the money back easily), Rover 101 badge (this is short free class offered by Rover, I don't know why it's not a badge on every sitter's profile)

How I Make an Extra $600 per month by Dog Sitting


I take LOTS of pictures of my client's dog and send them daily with short updates. This is so important, especially for new clients. They want to know that they're loved one is in good hands and updates with pictures is the best way to keep them updated.

Every profile shows what percentage of your clients receive pictures (mine is 100%), so potential clients can be assured that I will keep them updated.  I opted to have all the pictures updates I send added to my profile, so future clients can see the types of pictures they will receive.
How I Make an Extra $600 per month by Dog Sitting


I require a meet and greet for new clients and I state that in my profile. It's best for both the client pup, my pup and myself. I don't pet sit for greed, and only agree to sit for a dog if I feel it will be a comfortable situation for everyone involved. And I feel the sitter should only agree to have me sit for their dog if they feel the same way. I state this in my profile and when messaging with new clients, I always mention the Meet & Greet. This assures them that I actually care, and it puts them at ease to meet me and Tyson in person and see where their pup could potentially be staying for a few nights.


I'm adding this last, not because I don't think reviews are important. They are SUPER IMPORTANT. But you don't have to have a lot of reviews to get that first client. Rover requires you get at least one testimonial from a friend, family or past client to create your account, so everyone starts off with at least one review. But with a great profile, quick and friendly responses to inquiries and a great Meet & Greet, you can easily get chosen over someone who has ALL the reviews and start building up your own stack of 5 star reviews.

I hope this was helpful to anyone looking to seriously pursue dog sitting as a side or even main gig. If you know you'd make an awesome dog sitter, I encourage you to sign up using the link below.

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