Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Soothe Experience: In-home Massage, No Murder

I don't really remember how I came across the Soothe app, nobody told me about it, but I've had it downloaded on my phone in a holding pattern for a few weeks now. I had been really wanting to try it because I've been in desperate need of a massage but I'm someone who hates doing anything that requires me to schedule an appointment in advance. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it, not when you can fit me in because then I probably won't even be in the mood anymore. 

The only reason I was really hesitating to try Soothe is because I didn't want to invite a stranger into my house and then get murdered. Because how much would that suck?

Soothe: A review of the Soothe in-home massage app

But at this point I was getting desperate. I have a bad back in general, which is what comes from being a lazy girl all your life. But on this day in particular, it was day 3 of not being able to turn my head after waking up one morning with a lot of tension in my upper back and neck. I had just came home from grocery shopping and after carrying 5 bags up 3 flights of stairs by myself, because again... lazy girl, my shoulder was now starting to throb. So, I said eff it, I busted out the app (which kinda didn't work for me, I ended up having to switch to the desktop version), scheduled my first appointment for an hour later (the earliest you can have someone show up), and waited. I figured if I got murdered, well at least my neck and shoulder wouldn't hurt anymore.

But honestly, I wasn't worried. I had already done my research prior, which included reading other online reviews and reading everything on the Soothe website, which assured me that the "Soothe therapists are all licensed, background-checked, and thoroughly vetted", their words, not mine.

I was more worried about whether the therapist would be okay with me leaving my socks on, because my feet hadn't seen a pedicure since last summer. Not cute. I also had to pull my epilator out at the last minute and do a very quick leg hair removal when I realized that my legs were still sporting their winter coat. Even less cute.

The actual massage was pretty amazing.

My therapist was very pleasant and professional. I told her this was only my second massage ever in life, and my first time using Soothe so she explained everything me which helped to put me at ease. While she was setting up her station, we chatted about my problem areas and what I was expecting. She then went into the restroom to wash her hands while I undressed and situated myself on the table under the covers. I opted to leave my underwear on, because I honestly don't know why anyone would take them off, but that's their business, not mine. I also kept on my socks for the aforementioned reasons. No foot massage for me. I got a full body massage concentrating on my upper back which was giving me the most pain. She played very soothing music, which would've put me to sleep except I'm not a fall asleep while getting massaged type person. And I only had one moment where I thought "I could so easily get murdered right now", but it was fleeting and not actually a concern, just a thought. Once she was done, she went back into the restroom, so I could redress. She packed all her stuff up, explained how the rebooking process worked if I was interested in rebooking her in particular and then left. No money exchanges hands, no tip required. It's all taken care of thru the app. Very similar to Uber, except unlike Uber, not just anybody with two hands and a massage table can sign up as a therapist and show up at your door.

Also, even though it was unintentional that I scheduled my appointment late at night (8:15PM), I'm happy that I did. Because I was so relaxed afterwards it was nice that it was nearly bedtime. I actually think a 9PM appointment would be perfect.

If you're interested in trying out Soothe for yourself, here are some key points...

  • As of this blog post, massages start at $100 (Get $30 off at the end of this blog post)
  • There are 4 different massages to choose from: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports or Pre-natal
  • You can choose to book either a single massage or couple's massage
  • You can choose if you want your therapist to be male, female or no preference

Below a screencast I took of the app on my phone. I personally got stuck on the address section, and ended up switching to the desktop to actually fulfill my appointment, but whether you use the app or desktop they follow the same flow.

Overall, I definitely think it's worth trying, especially if you have an aversion to scheduling appointments in advance like I do. If you do, make sure you at least get that free $30 for your first appointment, code below. Unless you just like throwing money away. Then do your thing.

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