Monday, April 25, 2016

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Minimalist Inspiration

Like many people I turn to the Internet for inspiration when I need it, one of my favorite sources being YouTube. I especially enjoy watching videos, or sometimes just listening, as the last part of my day. It helps me unwind right before sleep. You may or may not already be familiar with them, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Channels for Minimalist InspirationJENNY MUSTARD

Jenny is one of my favorite content creators on YouTube, Minimalist or not. Besides the fact that I love her aesthetic, she is extremely pleasant, and very likable. Her videos tend to focus around her vegan and minimalist lifestyle, and I especially enjoy watching her Sunday Breakfast video series that she films with her partner, David.

Also, fun fact: At the end of each of her Sunday Breakfast videos, she and David would do a quick Japanese stretching routine, so I commented one day that they should try out the Korean version. And she actually read my comment and took my suggestion.  And I think it's the cutest thing ever.

Youtube Channel

Rachel is another one of my favorites. She is a professional photographer, who now runs a gym with her partner, Beau. Her videos focus on health, fitness and the minimalist lifestyle. In addition to that she has a lot of great videos on how to take better pictures, etc.

I love her monochrome, minimalist aesthetic. Her home is very much goals.

Youtube Channel / Blog

I'm actually not sure if Alli considers herself a minimalist. If not, she definitely has some minimalist/zero-waste habits that I admire about her. And she follows the capsule wardrobe (I don't, but I'll talk about that another day). 

Also, she and her husband, Nick, are documenting the renovation of a vintage Cherry Travco they bought, which is one of my favorite series on her channel. One day I'll have my own tiny home on wheels.

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Aileen's channel is a great source for those wanting living a more meaningful life, focusing on enjoying experiences over things. I find her videos very soothing and inspirational.

YouTube Channel / Blog

Anthony is the only guy on my list and one of the newest channels I've subscribed too. He provides a lot great information on living intentional, and I love that his videos are short, sweet and to the point.

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