Monday, May 9, 2016

Five Items I Live Without

Below are a list of 5 things I always thought I needed until I actually got rid of them either by choice or by force (#5). My life is no worse off without them, in fact it feels just that much lighter and more efficient.

A list of 5 household items I thought I needed until I actually got rid of them


I actually spent a lot of time researching the "perfect" dish drying rack, which sounds pretty ridiculous. I know. I wanted something that didn't take up counter space, wasn't plastic and ugly... and ended up using an in-sink stainless steel rack for several years. While it served it's function, I wasn't completely in love with it. It started to look a little rusty and grimy and once you pile dishes into it, well, the whole situation isn't very aesthetically pleasing.

So, about a month ago I decided to just get rid of the rack altogether and not replace it. Because the most aesthetically pleasing, non-space-taking option is to not have one at all. Now, when I wash (most of) my dishes I just dry them immediately and put them away. So easy. And for anything that is awkward to dry with a towel, I just lay a towel out on the counter and place it on top to air dry.


I was one of those people who felt like they needed a million towels. I had to have multiple matching bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. And I used them all, which allowed me to go weeks without washing towels, but then come laundry day I had so many towels they barely fit inside the washer.

The change I made was to downsize to two bath towels and 5 washcloths. I switch washcloths pretty regularly because I'm very conscious of my acne prone skin, but 5 is plenty to get me thru one week. And since I'm only one person, I use one bath towel at a time. When that one is ready to be washed, it goes in the washer with whatever washcloths (and kitchen towels) are ready to be washed and I rotate in the other bath towel. If I was really diligent, I'm sure I could get away with owning just one bath towel, but you never know when you'll be a host to a houseguest.


I don't own any type of external speaker for my phone or laptop. I used to own one for an old iPod, but with technology changes it eventually became end of life. I ended up donating it and opted to not replace.

I'm not someone who likes to blast music, I play all of my music on my iPhone, which is almost never at full volume so a speaker would just be overkill. The only time I need a little boost in the volume is when I'm in the shower or blowdrying my hair and a repurposed candle holder does just the trick in giving me that little extra volume needed.

Use a glass or old candle holder to give your iphone volume a little boost


I don't eat canned foods anymore. Enough said.


I haven't used my microwave in over a year, due the fact that I accidentally blew it up one day trying to bake a potato in it. Tip: If you're going to bake a potato in your microwave, please make you type 7 minutes instead of 70. An even better tip: just bake it in the oven. You're welcome.

Technically, I still own my microwave, but it is fully un-functional and the only reason I haven't trashed it is because it's an over the range microwave so removing it would leave a very awkward gap above my stove. And technically, I will replace it eventually for resale value reasons, but personally I've discovered that I am able to live without one and don't miss it at all.

PS. I'd love to hear from you in the comments, tell me what you have chosen (or been forced) to live without! Also, follow me on BlogLovin to stay updated on future content. <3