Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One Month in Seoul

I can't believe I've been in Seoul for one month already, time truly flies. I didn't actually mention it here, but I flew into Seoul on May 23rd and have just been enjoying my time here thus far. I'm not new to Seoul, or Korea for that matter. I actually lived here for 5 years when I was younger and have been back to visit almost every year since 2001. Last year was the first year I spent a full two months here, and I decided earlier this year that I wanted to come back again for another extended period of time.

Being away from home for two months (and staying with in-denial hoarders - sorry Mom & Dad, LOL) definitely validates that minimalism is the preferred lifestyle for me. I came here with a backpack (for the plane), one carry-on size and one mid-size suitcase, and I honestly still have more than I need here. 

Of course, I have the luxury of staying at my parents home while I'm here, and they have an abundance of everything, so even if I needed something back home, there's a good chance they have it here. Or I could just go out and purchase it, which is something I would not do for a shorter trip.

Although, I did find myself without a proper outfit for a wedding that I didn't know I would be going to before I arrived here, but luckily Korean weddings don't require formal attire.

Also, I'm thinking of doing a sort of "what's in my suitcase" type post or something similar. Let me know if you're interested in how I packed for long term travel. Or anything else related to travel or my time here in Korea. 

Also, completely unrelated but I just discovered Amazon Smile today. If you're like me and had no idea about this program, it's a simple way to donate to a charitable organization simply by making your purchases thru the Amazon Smile URL, at no additional cost to you (that sounds like such a sales pitch, but I promise it's not, LOL. I really just happened to come across this on my own just earlier today). Once you select your charity, you just make all of your Amazon purchases going forward thru smile.amazon.com, and 0.5% of your purchase price will be donated by Amazon.

0.5% may not seem like much, but it adds up and since I'm always purchasing via Amazon anyways, it doesn't hurt to add this one simple step to all my future purchases. I chose the Alabama Pug Rescue for now (I couldn't find one for Atlanta or Georgia listed), which you can see below. Because you know, pug love and all. 

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