Who is Victoria Flip.?


I'm slightly awkward, but that's okay.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my 9-year-old pug Tyson, whose breath is foul but heart is pure. I'm quite a bit older than I was in the above picture, but I look basically the same, minus the untouched, natural eyebrows. Please grow back.

As a now adult, with un-fleeky eyebrows, I'm a minimalist with too many pairs of shoes. A former-obsessive organizer, and current-obsessive declutter. A long-time blogger, I'm talking since the late 1990's long-time. Aside from this blog, I also have a 9-5 career, but it's pretty boring, so we won't talk about that.

I have been on my minimalist journey since 2014 and during this time I've learned to appreciate that less truly is more. For me, less stuff equals more time, more money, more clarity and overall more happiness.

In addition to minimalism, I have a lot of interest in health & wellness, specifically eating clean & using natural products.

I also have a lot of interest in naps, but I won't write about that here. Probably.

Naps aside, my goal here is to share my thoughts on my minimalism and living intentionally, and hopefully serve as a source of inspiration for those who seek to live a similar lifestyle.

If you made it this far, thank you. <3