Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Minimalist Skin Care Routine

Note: If you haven't read my acne story, you may want to do that first. Just saying.

Minimal, natural skincare routine for hormonal acne prone skin

I have a four step skin care routine (three if it's nighttime), it's super simple and it's what turned my skin around from the hot acne mess it used to be. Essentially, the routine I follow is to:


To be a little more specific I detailed out exactly what I use and when I use it down below. These are the actual skin care products I currently use + a few alternatives that are also tried & true.

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Acne Story

[2018 Update: I have posted this blog in video format on youtube, if you're interested]

First, I should state that I am not a professional dermatologist, aesthetician or anything of the sort. This blog post is simply a recount of my experience with acne, a lead in to future acne related posts and should be treated as such. Also, this is going to be long, and it's going to contain some very unattractive pictures that I originally never planned to see the light of day. I apologize in advance for my face.

My story of how I "cured" my hormonal adult acne (w/ before and after pics)

Prior to age 24, I never in my life imagined a life with acne. I thought I had been blessed with perfect skin forever. With the exception of a rare blemish here & there, I had pretty much flawless skin. I never wore makeup and my “skin care” consisted of washing my face with water. Once in the 8th grade, a classmate even went as far as touching my face because she couldn’t believe that I wasn’t wearing makeup. She clearly had no respect for personal space. 

But some time in 2007, after I had turned 24 and was in my last year of college (yes, I was a slacker), my face decided it hated me and adult acne reared its ugly head. Maybe it was stress, although I don’t particularly remember feeling stressed, but it was my final year and I was constantly pulling late nights in the lab and library… so you never know.

But I do remember the progression exactly, it started on one cheek. Huge, red, inflamed cysts appeared out of nowhere. Then after a couple weeks, it traveled to the other cheek and in stayed in just those two areas... during that time. But, I was pretty much devastated, and very embarrassed. I didn’t want anyone to see me.

I had never felt uglier.