Friday, April 29, 2016

5 benefits of decluttering


When you intentionally live with less, it's so much easier to not be tempted into buying any and everything. Before I decided to live a minimal lifestyle over a year ago, I spent ridiculous amounts of money on things that oftentimes never got used. I would even ask for specific presents, thinking "oh, this might be nice to have", only to have it become a dust collector. Not only was I wasting my money (& space), but I was asking others to waste theirs as well.

Now, before purchasing anything I ask myself "Is this something I really need? Will I actually use this?" and more often than not, the answer is no.


Cleaning has never been easier since I started decluttering over a year ago. For me, less stuff equals less stuff that I have to dust or wipe down, or move out of the way so that I can wipe down the surface that it's sitting on. Getting rid of bigger furniture pieces and keeping as much off the floor as possible has made it so much easier when it's time to vacuum... and if you're a pug owner, it's always time to vacuum.  I love that I'm not constantly having to move things around to vacuum around or underneath them. And because there's not a lot of "junk" everywhere, my place tends to look nice & tidy, even if it's not particularly clean.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Soothe Experience: In-home massage service, no murder

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Soothe: A review of the Soothe in-home massage app

I don't really remember how I came across the Soothe app, nobody told me about it, but I've had it downloaded on my phone in a holding pattern for a few weeks now. I had been really wanting to try it because I've been in desperate need of a massage but I'm someone who hates doing anything that requires me to schedule an appointment in advance. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it, not when you can fit me in because then I probably won't even be in the mood anymore. The only reason I was really hesitating to try Soothe is because I didn't want to invite a stranger into my house and then get murdered. Because how much would that suck?

But at this point I was getting desperate. I have a bad back in general, which is what comes from being a lazy girl all your life. But on this day in particular, it was day 3 of not being able to turn my head after waking up one morning with a lot of tension in my upper back and neck. I had just came home from grocery shopping and after carrying 5 bags up 3 flights of stairs by myself, because again... lazy girl, my shoulder was now starting to throb. So, I said eff it, I busted out the app (which kinda didn't work for me, I ended up having to switch to the desktop version), scheduled my first appointment for an hour later (the earliest you can have someone show up), and waited. I figured if I got murdered, well at least my neck and shoulder wouldn't hurt anymore.

But honestly, I wasn't worried. I had already done my research prior, which included reading other online reviews and reading everything on the Soothe website, which assured me that the "Soothe therapists are all licensed, background-checked, and thoroughly vetted", their words, not mine.

I was more worried about whether the therapist would be okay with me leaving my socks on, because my feet hadn't seen a pedicure since last summer. Not cute. I also had to pull my epilator out at the last minute and do a very quick leg hair removal when I realized that my legs were still sporting their winter coat. Even less cute.

As for the actual massage...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Minimalism Series: My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels for Minimalist Inspiration

My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Channels for Minimalist Inspiration

Like many people I turn to the Internet for inspiration when I need it, one of my favorite sources being YouTube. I especially enjoy watching videos, or sometimes just listening, as the last part of my day. It helps me unwind right before sleep. You may or may not already be familiar with them, but here are my favorites.


Jenny is one of my favorite content creators on YouTube, Minimalist or not. Besides the fact that I love her aesthetic, she is extremely pleasant, and very likable. Her videos tend to focus around her vegan and minimalist lifestyle, and I especially enjoy watching her Sunday Breakfast video series that she films with her partner, David.

Also, fun fact: At the end of each of her Sunday Breakfast videos, she and David would do a quick Japanese stretching routine, so I commented one day that they should try out the Korean version. And she actually read my comment and took my suggestion.  And I think it's the cutest thing ever.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Minimalism Series: Is it okay to throw away yearbooks & photos?

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Minimalism Series: Is it okay to throw out yearbooks and photos?

If you ask me, yes. I believe it is more than okay to get rid of anything that doesn't bring you any value. I don't believe in keeping items out of obligation or guilt or just in case.

If something no longer is useful to you and keeping it around only adds clutter into your life, whether mental, or visual or hidden-away-in-a-storage-closet-for-no-reason, you should get rid of it. But I'm not you, so you should do whatever feels right for you. There is no right or wrong.

But for me, getting rid of both yearbooks and photos is pretty much a no brainer. I've actually wanted to do it for over a year now, but have been making very slow progress for reasons.

Starting with yearbooks, this was a very easy decision for me. 

I actually got rid of my college yearbooks a few years back, by donating them to the Goodwill. My picture was not in a single one of the yearbooks, so I honestly don't know why I even had them. Actually, I know why. It's because they handed them out for free. I now know that just because something is free, does not mean you need to take it. 

My grade 1 - 12 yearbooks were a slightly different story, because they did have some sentimental value. But not enough for me to want to keep each book.  They definitely served their value over the past 26 or so years, from the time I received that first yearbook and got my first signature in it. I've flipped through each book countless times, rereading messages from friends, circling their pictures and highlighting their names, drawing hearts next to crushes and crossing out the faces of people I didn't like.

But as I went through each book today, and reread those messages, I could barely put faces to names. As for the boys with hearts drawn next to them, I couldn't remember why I had ever liked them. Or why I didn't like the people with big X's drawn on their faces.

The point is, now that I'm in my 30's these were no longer memories that I was holding on to or felt the need to refer back to from time to time. The yearbooks were no longer needed.