Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I’m growing my eyebrows out. That’s basically code for my eyebrows look like shit.


But I’m sticking it out, because not only do I want to live a life with less stuff, I also want to live a life where I don’t have to worry about the upkeep of trivial things. Like my eyebrows.

 A minimalist beauty routine.

Now if only these stubborn eyebrow hairs would actually grow back. I guess after 14-15 years of plucking and shaving, they thought they were doing me a favor. Welp.

I’m open to any suggestions on how to get my eyebrow hairs to come back home. Enlighten me young fleeky eyebrow gurus.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

I Think I'm Getting Dumber

I seriously feel like I’ve gotten dumber and I blame YouTube. I need to (and want to) start reading again but I don't want to bring books back into my home after donating my old collection. So, the Kindle app is going to be my new best friend. I’ve read via the app before, but my iPad 4 is too heavy for comfortable reading, which is why I stopped.

But then I became dumb. And I don’t want to be dumb.

ipad mini 3 kindle reading

So I bought a new iPad. A Mini 3. I know, right. But I’m going somewhere with this. Maybe. I did ask myself if I really needed a new iPad, and the answer was yes. I’m not going to explain why, just know that it was yes. But to allow myself to purchase it, I did tell myself I had to get rid of a few things. 1 in 1+ out.

I used the Amazon Trade-In Program and was able to trade-in my old iPad, PS3 (never use it), and an old iPod (also, never use it) + a few other small things (yep, didn’t use them either). Everything I traded-in resulted in a $470 value, so it pretty much paid for the new device.

I guess all that was to say...

I bought a new iPad.

Note: The following links contain affiliate links. You no likey, you no clicky. Full disclosure here.
  • Amazon Trade-In Program (trade in your un-used, un-loved devices, etc in exchange for Amazon gift cards. So seriously awesome!)

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Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm Not a Candle Person

I’m the type of person that thinks candles are more trouble then they’re worth. Which probably says something about me, because how hard is it really to burn a candle? Not very.

And yeah, my house probably does smell like dog, but I still don’t have time to just be out here burning candles.

So when I was cleaning out my storage closet and came across a bucket filled with 70+ tealight candles, I thought to myself, "self, who bought all these and why?"

But I knew that it was me.

And I knew exactly why. Because they were cheap. But you know what would have been even cheaper? It’s if I would’ve said “self, stop playing, you know you don’t even like candles like that.

But I didn’t.

What I did do was buy several packs of them + a bucket to display them in… in the closet, where nobody sees them.

And this is exactly why I’m becoming a minimalist.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Why I'm a Minimalist

Welcome! This is my journey to a living an intentional, minimalist lifestyle (also the revival of VHNS). A few months back I made the conscious decision to live with less.

If I don’t use it or love it, I don’t want it. 

My reasonings for this improved way of living are few but important...


This all basically started for me when a good friend's father passed away and my friend was left with a home full of stuff to sort thru and dispose of. On top of the loss of his father, he now had the stress of dealing with everything that was left behind, the bulk of it junk.

When it’s my time to go (no time soon, hopefully) I don’t want to burden my loved ones by them having to sort thru tons of stuff or make them feel obligated to keep any of it.

// GET UP & GO

When it’s time for me to find a new home, I want to be able to easily pack up and move. No need to pack and unpack 200+ CDs when I don’t even own a CD player anymore.

Also, one of my goals is to travel long term at some point in my life. While I'm still young-ish would be nice. This goal will be so much more achievable when I don't have stuff weighing me down.


The less I own, the less I have to clean and organize. That time previously spent putting clutter away, dusting, moving furniture to vacuum underneath is now spent actually enjoying life.


The less I have, the less I want to buy. Once you've made the big purge, you tend to look very carefully at anything that might make it's way into your home.

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